Q. Are commissions or referral fees offered by burkepm?

A. Yes, If your referral utilizes our complete management/listing services we will pay 25% of 1-month’s lease for the referral. We also offer $200 for every property management referral that signs our management agreement in turn providing exceptional care of your clients management needs while you retain the right to list the home for sale and/or rent.

Q. Where may I obtain your application?

A. Our NVAR application, along with instructions, can be obtained on our “Tenants” page “Apply Online” or by emailing [email protected].

Q. What funds are required to process an application?

A. A processing fee of $50.00 per applicant, and an earnest money deposit equivalent to one months lease are required to process an application. Funds can be provided online through our “Tenants” page “Pay Online“. Certified funds or money orders are required if received less than 14 days prior to occupancy. All checks should be made payable to Burke Property Management, Inc. No cash accepted.

Q. How may I submit an application?

A. Simply direct your client to “Apply Online” found on our “Tenants” page, email the application and have your client provide funds online through our “Tenants” page “Pay Online“. You may also submit an application via fax along with a copy of the checks , then mail the originals to Burke Property Management Inc. to 5546 Kendrick Lane, VA 22015.

Q. When are commissions disbursed?

A. Commissions are provide to your respective firm no later than 3 days after the commencement of the lease.

For further information please call 703.638.2457, or email us at [email protected]